Emiliano Stornelli
is the founding Chairman of the Religion & Security Council (RSC).
He established RSC in 2016 to promote the role of the religious factor in peace-building, crisis management, and conflicts resolution. His expertise encompasses a variety of fields, such as: research and analysis on foreign affairs and security issues, with particular focus on their religious dimension in the MENA and Gulf region; addressing the radical discourse of violent extremist groups; promotion of interreligious dialogue initiatives, engaging religious leaders, officials, scholars, practitioners, and civil society organizations. In the latter context, he held interreligious programs in Lebanon (Tripoli, 2018-2019), as well as forums, panel discussions, study seminars, and other meetings in Italy, with participants from the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.
Among his other current affiliations, Emiliano Stornelli is a KAICIID European Fellow, as well as an Advisor to the International Association for Counter-Terrorism and Security Professionals – Southeast Asia Region (IACSP SEA), and the IACSP Nordic Counter Terrorism Network (NCTN).
Formerly, he was an Advisor with the Pontifical Missionary Union and the International Center for Mission and Formation, Vatican City (2016-2020); Director of the Mediterranean & Middle East Program at the Italian Atlantic Committee (Rome, 2011-2016), and Advisor to the President of the Atlantic Treaty Association (Brussels, 2014-2016). Specialized in Strategic Studies at the Center for High Defense Studies (Italian Ministry of Defense), Emiliano Stornelli was Visiting Researcher at the Center for Transatlantic Relations, Johns Hopkins University, Washington D.C., and collaborated with the Military Center for Strategic Studies. He graduated at LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome.


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