New Partnership for Peace in Iraq

Meeting in Baghdad between RSC Fellow and Senior Advisor Ms. Siham Al Jiboury and H.E. Pascale Warda, Former Iraqi Minister of Immigration and Refugees and President of the Hammurabi Human Rights Organization (HHRO). The meeting, coordinated by RSC Chairman Emiliano Stornelli, was also attended by Mr. William Warda, HHRO General Director and Head of the Alliance of Iraqi Minorities.

RSC and HHRO signed a Memorandum of Understanding, giving birth to a new Partnership for Peace in Iraq. The two organizations have pledged to promote joint programs and activities on issues of major concern to Iraq and the Middle East, such as the respect of human rights, countering extremism, interreligious dialogue and conflicts resolution, human development, youth and women empowerment.

H.E. Warda took part in the Forum on “The Future of Religion Minorities in the Middle East” held in Rome on December 11, 2018.

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