RSC and Al Furat Set their Sight on the Future of Iraq

RSC Religion & Security Council signed a partnership agreement with Al Furat Center for Development and Strategic Studies, a major Iraqi think tank headed by Prof. Dr. Khaled Olewiwi Jiad, who is also Director of the Center for Strategic Studies, University of Karbala.17

RSC Chairman Emiliano Stornelli noted that “Iraq holds a special place in RSC vision for the stabilization of the Middle East and the cooperation with Al Furat will enable the promotion of new prospects of reconciliation and development to the benefit of the broader region”.

Since its inception, RSC has devoted a special attention to Iraq with commentaries and papers addressing the political process and the religious factor in the security scenario.

RSC-Al Furat partnership will allow the launch of new programs, events and research activities aimed at strengthening the position of Iraq as cornerstone of dialogue and conflicts resolution in the Middle East.

A key role in the establishment of RSC-Al Furat partnership was played by Dr. Hussein Al Saharan, Head of Al Furat’s Human Rights Department, Dr. Elaaf Rajih Hadi, RSC Research Fellow, and Ms. Siham Al Jibboury, RSC Senior Advisor.

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