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The Religion & Security Council (RSC) promotes conflicts resolution and peace-building by addressing the role of the religious factor in international crises. RSC forums and panel discussions, formation and information activities, cooperation programs and policy proposals, engage decision-makers, officials, scholars and experts, with different backgrounds but a common purpose: to raise awareness of the major contribution that the religious factor can provide in defusing confrontational situations and advancing reconciliation, in areas that witness warfare, unrest and humanitarian emergencies. In particular, RSC advocates for a major role of interreligious dialogue and cooperation as instruments of peace-building and conflicts resolution.


CLICK HERE TO REGISTER “Tripoli’s Revolution: Toward a City of Peace, Culture, and Development” 9 April 2021 on Zoom 16:00-18:00 Lebanon (EEST, GMT+3) 15:00- 17:00 Italy…

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