The Future of the Religious Minorities in the Middle East

Conflicts and extremism have been taking a heavy toll on religious minorities across the Middle East for over a decade. Terrorism, violence, and fear have disrupted the lives of many who had to seek safety and peace far from their homeland. Facing ISIS atrocities in Syria, Iraq, and other areas of crisis, the international community has paid increasing attention to their predicament, repeatedly calling for the respect of fundamental human rights, first and foremost religious freedom. Against this background, the Religion & Security Council (RSC) and the Center for the Middle East (CEMO) of the Fundación Promoción Social (FPS), will organize in Rome a Forum on The Future of Religious Minorities in the Middle East. The event will be hosted by the Italian Embassy to the Holy See on 11 December 2018, and its sessions will engage prominent leaders, decision and policy-makers, officials, scholars, and experts in a major discussion on the challenges and prospects relating to religion minorities in the war-torn region. The proceedings will devote particular attention to the Middle East Christian communities, interreligious dialogue in conflicts resolution, and the role of the international community in the protection of minorities.