Rajganna Kannanathan is an international relations researcher and independent geopolitical risk analyst, specialized in the Indo-Pacific region. His research initiatives and interest in the field of geopolitics and strategic studies include the role of the religious factor in security issues, as well as interreligious and intercultural dialogue in conflicts resolution and peace-building. He also dealt with diaspora studies. As a practitioner, Mr. Kannanathan has engaged in interreligious dialogue facilitation, conflict mediation, and promoting interreligious understanding. He is an Advisory Board Member of the EU SOAR Programme (“Strengthening the security and resilience of at-risk religious sites and communities”), and a KAICIID European Fellow. He holds a Master’s degree in international relations from the Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations, and a certificate of advanced studies in conflict mediation in intercultural and religious contexts, Bern University of Applied Sciences. He also studied specialized programs together with UN Peace University and Geneva School of Diplomacy in Nuclear Disarmament and Arms Control. He worked as an intern in the UN Human Rights High Commission in Geneva during his post-graduate studies. In Switzerland and the UK, he has associated with various local and international NGOs in conflict transformation, human rights advocacy, and research. Mr. Kannanathan is a certified geopolitical analyst from the Geneva Institute of Geopolitical Studies (GIGS).